PhD Programme in Economics

Economics is a specialization within the PhD programme Social Science at the Faculty of Social Sciences. Specialization in economics includes economics and finance, accounting and business administration.

Economics is the study of how the economic life of society works, more precisely, "the study of the use of scarce resources for alternative purposes." Financial economics is the economics of specialized financial decisions. Both economics and finance today disciplines with a recognized set of foundation knowledge.

Specialization in finance will also cover issues in business administration and accounting. Business takes its empirical and theoretical methodology of economics and finance, while the accounting field is located at the intersection between economics and law.

Students will be able to write scientific papers at international level after the doctoral program. Students will also be able to present scientific papers at international conferences and be able to assess the quality of scientific work within the study area.

Through academic training, students gain a deeper understanding of the field theory and methodology and come to the forefront of research within their area of specialization. This will also form the basis to teach courses in the field.