PhD Programme in Management

The area covers a series of management-related phenomena and levels of analysis, from the individual level, focusing on organizational behavior through strategic management at the organizational level of cooperation in industry and community level.

The area covers the processes of change and social enterprises, and specialization, bringing together research on leadership and management tools necessary to lead modern organizations. Research topics "leadership" and "management tools" illustrates a tension between a general management perspective related to the visions, attitudes and behavior, and an instrumental handling of administrative procedures, procedures and tools to realize the business values and goals.

The specialization combines the intra-organizational focus on lead role within the organization and the inter-organizational relationships with a focus on the outside world. The area of specialization emphasizes leadership as an activity that balances management and change, with ethical and value reflection.

Doctoral candidates in management shall acquire understanding and basic skills in relation to management research. They will generate new knowledge through good social science research projects, and they will be trained in management and implementation of such. Specialization may thus qualify for positions in research and teaching, management and consulting in academia as in the larger public and private sectors.

A key learning objective is to increase understanding of the role of management and how resources are created, shared and combined in interplay of internal and external stakeholders that corporate goals can be achieved.