PhD Programme in Culture and Society

The specialization area Culture and Society embraces a range of disciplines and research traditions, sociology, archeology, history of ideas, philosophy (ethics and aesthetics), gender, film and media studies, art and cultural studies.

As specialization at PhD level, culture and society is an interdisciplinary oriented site that includes research on:

  • Individual, social and cultural, including the material, changing traits related to community organizing
  • Media and public
  • Cultural and aesthetic expression
  • Relationship between text, image and reality
  • Theories of “normativity” (ethics and aesthetics)

The specialization area Culture and Society is based on already existing areas of expertise and research at the university, especially at the Faculty of Social Sciences (SV) and the Archaeological Museum. Department of Media, Culture and Social Sciences (IMKS) currently offers programs at the master’s level in art and cultural science.

The specialization area Culture and Society offers an interdisciplinary education that aims to provide the candidate with research expertise in the field. The applicant shall complete education even able to initiate and carry out research projects, as well as guide and teach at all levels within the area of specialization.

Specialization in Culture and Society qualifies to academic positions in universities and colleges, and leading positions in government, museum and cultural sector, NGOs, etc.