PhD programme in Social Work

Social Work is an internationally recognized academic area, and there is teaching in the subject at numerous universities.

In the United States and Canada, for instance, 60 universities that offer independent doctoral program in social work. Although the subject has traditionally had its roots in the Western world, there are now also a large and growing number of universities offering similar programs in Asia and Africa. In Scandinavia, primarily Sweden has a wide range of doctoral programs in the course. In Norway, there is a similar offer at the NTNU.

Specialization Area Social Work, including Social Education both nationally and internationally regarded within the field of social work. Social pedagogy is then to be understood as a branch of social work that is especially aimed at children and young people with various problems (child care). The Department of Social Work at the university is reflected in two programs, child welfare and social work.

Specialization in Social Work is aimed primarily at that candidates should acquire a basic understanding and skills in relation to research in the field. This involves develop knowledge and skills that provide a basis to initiate and carry out research projects, and can thus lead to positions in research, teaching and consulting both in academia as in the larger public and private organizations.