About UiS Doctorial Community

UiSDC is the interest organization of the PhD candidates, at UiS. UiSDC is primarily an academic and social forum, contributing towards a good research environment in Stavanger.

As an interest organization, UiSDC also represents the doctoral candidates and post-docs in different decision-making and administrative bodies at UiS.

UiSDC represents all registred research fellows and doctoral candidates and post-docs associated with UiS. While some activities take place at the faculties, like faculty PhD-gatherings, UiSDC can also be contacted if there is a need to organize activities across faculties. 

Each year in January/February a new board is elected. 

UiSDC does not provide practical guidance on the study situation at Stavanger, such as accomodation, visa, costs, etc. For this type of information, we direct you to the Practical Information page on the UiS web.