Aesthetic and emotional learning processes

Art and aesthetics are pivotal aspects of our culture and our lives, and are closely linked to relational and emotional aspects.

During their early years, children are dependent on thinking in and communicating through a wide variety of media, particularly aesthetic media.

The intention behind the research field 'Aesthetics and emotional learning processes' is to improve our understanding of children's and adults' aesthetic and emotional learning processes and learning cultures in early childhood teacher education and early childhood education and care (ECEC) institutions.

Using different methods, the projects achieve this through:

  • Studying thinking and work on learning within aesthetic and emotional areas and how they are communicated and prioritised
  • Exploring and developing new approaches to aesthetic and emotional learning processes
  • Working on methodological questions linked to identifying, exploring and interpreting aesthetic and emotional learning cultures
  • Participating in artistic development work and pedagogical practices which promote aesthetic experience and emotional understanding

The projects primarily involve qualitative applied research using a variety of data acquisition and analysis methods. Some projects also involve artistic development work and certain projects have issues of a theoretical and methodical nature linked to the development of the aesthetic and emotional subject area, and can be considered to be basic research.

Contact person: Associate Professor Torill Vist