Quality, profession and learning

The projects within this research field focus on themes such as quality, profession and learning, linked to early childhood education and ECEC teacher education.

The researchers have particular experience not only of qualitative research, but also of quantitative approaches, such as surveys. The thematic focus in the studies is on quality and learning, learning plans in theory and practice, learning in early childhood education and care (ECEC) institutions and early childhood teacher education linked to mathematics, natural sciences and physical education. Other themes in the studies are linked to the profession and occupation of ECEC teaching, with a particular focus on recently qualified ECEC teachers, the transition between ECEC and school, special needs education and the educational use of ICT in ECEC and ECEC teacher education, as well as international perspectives. Many of the projects in the programme are collaborative projects with external partners and institutions.

Contact person: Professor Marit Alvestad