An overview of published articles and books linked to the programme is given below.

  • Report: Values in Norwegian preschools,

    Report: Values in Norwegian preschools

    In 2010, the University of Stavanger initiated a collaborative project involving seven preschools in Rogaland. The report entitled "Verdier i barnehagen. Mellom ideal og realiteter" (Values in Preschool. Ideals and Reality) has now been submitted to the boards of the preschools involved.

  • The book Learning cultures in preschools.

    Learning cultures in preschools

    This book presents new research-based knowledge concerning learning in preschools from a multidisciplinary perspective. The contributions focus on aspects within the fields of social science, natural science, aesthetics and ethics.

  • The book Values education in preschools

    Values education in preschools

    This book examines the complex work being carried out in the many everyday encounters between adults and children, e.g. in the cloakroom and in play situations. We also look at the reflection processes that such work can initiate amongst the staff.

  • Photo of the book Children’s multicultural places.

    Children’s multicultural places

    This book discusses a series of examples concerning how early childhood education and care (ECEC) institutions work on multilingual and multicultural themes. The book shows how multilingualism can form the starting point for togetherness, and how diversity and multiculturalism is something that children create together through communication and common culture creation.