Research on economics, finance and law

The research on economics and finance at UiS Business School covers a wide range of topics. Three main themes are labour economics, law and economics and food market and food consumption.


The research on labour economics at UiS Business School focuses on people's motivation and opportunities for labour force participation. The research program addresses two key questions: What are important determinants of a child's opportunities to succeed in education and in the labour market as an adult? What are important determinants of an individual's motivation to work?

Research on law and economics at UiS Business School investigate the provision and effect of incentives in situations where humans are motivated by more than money and legal institutions are imperfect. The researchers study incentive provision and performance pay systems within and between firms, incentives to exert effort, incentives to take risk, incentives to allocate attention between different projects and incentives to commit crime.

The researchers also address the interaction between non-monetary and monetary incentives and to what extent social preferences affect behaviour of individuals and firms and how new regulations, legal reforms or new tax regimes incentivize firms or individuals to take actions that either reduce or improve social welfare.

The research on food markets and food consumption covers a wide competence area, ranging from health and nutrition, behavioral psychology and service concepts, price- and demand analyses, to the chemical construction of food and food production.