Publications and work in progress


Eriksen, Kristoffer and Ola Kvaløy: No guts, no glory: An experiment on excessive risk-taking, Review of Finance, forthcoming

Kvaløy, Ola and Anja Schöttner: Incentives to Motivate, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, vol. 116, 2015, 26-42

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Kvaløy, Ola and Trond E. Olsen.The Tenuous Relationship Between Effort and Performance Pay, Journal of Public Economics, vol. 121, 2015, 32–39

Working papers:

Kvaløy, Oa and William Gjedrem (2016) Smells Like Team Spirit: An Experiment on Relative Performance Feedback

Kvaløy, Ola and Trond E. Olsen Relational Contracts for Teams

Mari Rege and Ingeborg F. Solli: Lagging Behind the Joneses: The Impact of Relative Earnings on Job Separation