Previous seminars 2014


March 4
Terry Odean, UC Berkeley
Title: What risk factors matter to investors? Evidence from mutual fund flows

March 12
Bernt Arne Ødegaard, University of Stavanger
Title: Throttling hyperactive robots - Message to trade ratios at the Oslo Stock Exchange

March 26 Time 1:00 pm-2:00 pm
Eric Bettinger, Stanford Graduate School of Education
Title: Changing Distributions: How online college classes alter student and professor performance.

April 8
Charles Manski, Northwestern University

April 23
Andreas Kostøl, Statistics Norway

April 30
Marie-Louise Vierø, Oueen`s University

May 7
Shunsuke Managi, Graduate School of Environmental Studies, Tohoku University
Title: Fukushima Disaster, Fish, and Energy

May 20
Luk Warlop, KU Leuven

June 4 (Time 11:30-1:00)
Anja Schöttner, University of Konstanz and Petra Nieken, University of Bonn

FALL 2014

September 2
Torfinn Harding, NHH
Institutions and the Location of Oil Exploration

September 17
Edi Karni, Johns Hopkins University

September 23
Denise Salin, Hanken School of Economics
A global study of workplace bullying: national differences in perceptions and recommended measures

September 30
Daniel V. Gordon, University of Calgary
Induced Biased Innovation and Exhaustible Resource Prices

October 28
Kjetil Bjorvatn, NHH
Teaching through television: Experimental evidence on entrepreneurship education in Tanzania

November 4
Lars Jacob Tynes Pedersen (NHH) and Sveinung Jørgensen (HiL)
Sustainable Business Models: Existing Knowledge and a Research Agenda

November 18
Per Mykland, University of Chicago
Financial High Frequency Data

November 25
Qianqian DU, University of Stavanger
Peer Pressure and Earnings Management

December 16
Guy Notelaers, University of Bergen
Measuring leadership behaviours? Lessons learned for the workplace bullying research