Previous UiS Business School Seminars 2017


February 28
Per Block, ETH Zurich
Occupational Mobility Networks

March 22
Akira Kawaguchi, Doshisha University, Japan

May 12
Arnstein Mykletun, Folkehelseinstituttet

May 23
Chulwoo Han, Durham University
Rational Turnover Aversion: How Much Should a Portfolio Be Shrunk?

FALL 2017

October 5
Einar C. Kjenstad, Aarhus University
The Cost of Being Different: Peer Firm Costs of Cash Holdings

October 10
Stepan Mikula, Masaryk University
Old sins cast long shadows: long-term effects of social capital destruction on residential migration

November 28
Vardan Avagyan, Erasmus University
The Role of Scenario Presentation in the Selection of Innovation Projects