Seminars in Economics and Finance 2010

Time 11:30-13:00
Location AR Ø-213/Ø-211

January 13     Room: AR Ø-211
Bernt Arne Ødegaard, University of Stavanger
"Why do firms pay for liquidity provision in limit order markets?"

January 27      Room: AR Ø-211

Knut Nygaard, Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration, NHH
Title: "More women by law: the impact of the Norwegian board room reform"

February 3       Room: AR Ø-211  CANCELLED

Espen Henriksen, University of Santa Barbara

February 9  Tuesday  Room: AR Ø-211
Kristoffer Wigestrand Eriksen, University of Stavanger
Title: "Myopic Loss Aversion and the Gambler's Fallacy"

March 17    Room: AR Ø-211
Tor Hugo Hauge, NHH
Title: "An evaluation of the reserve price at a discriminatory sealed-bid auction"

April 7 AR Ø-211
Petter Osmundsen, University of Stavanger
Title: "Decision criteria for climate projects"

April 14   Room: AR Ø-211
Morten Huse, Norwegian School of Management, BI
Title:"Women on corporate boards: lessons from the Norwegian law about gender balance"

April 21     Room: AR Ø-211

Svein-Arne Persson, Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration-NHH
Title: "On the pricing of performance sensitive debt"

April 28     Room: AR Ø-211
Venke Furre Haaland, University of Stavanger
Title: "The Effect of Labor Market Attachment on Mortality"

May 26       Room: AR Ø-211

Gaute Torsvik, University of Bergen

June 9      Room: AR Ø-211
Mark van Achter, University of Mannheim
Title: “Internalization, Clearing and Settlement, and Stock Market Liquidity”

June 23    Room: AR Ø-211
Dan Phaneuf, North Carolina State University
Title: Combining real and stated preference data to estimate preferences for residential amenities: A GMM Approach