Seminars in Economics and Finance 2011

Time 11:30-13:00
Location AR Ø-211/EAL H-125

August 31

Robin Lumsdaine, American University
Title: "How Survey Design Affects Inference Regarding Health Perceptions and Outcomes"

September 14
Mads Greaker, Statistics Norway
Title: Incentives for environmental R&D

September 28
Svein Olav Krakstad, PhD student University of Stavanger
Title: Prediction of House Prices

October 19
Sjur Westgaard, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

November 3 (Thursday)
Nina Drange, PhD student University of Stavnanger
Title: Early School Start and Child Outcomes

November 16
Jon Olaf Olaussen, HiST
Title:Balancing cost and income in red deer management- a case study from Norway

November 23
Bertil Tungodden,
Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration
Title: Sharing willingly: A study of the role of fairness and information in the dictator game

November 25
Mark D. Griffiths, Miami University
Title:The Fed and the 2007-2009 Financial Crisis:Treating a Virus with Antibiotics? Evidence from the Commercial Paper Market.

December 6 (Tuesday)
Gaute Torsvik
, University of Bergen
Title: Team production and sickness absence

January 26 2011

Espen Moen, Norwegian School of Management, BI
Title: On-the-job search and moral hazard

February 2
Loran Chollete, UiS Business School
Title: "Systemic Risk and Asset Prices"

February 23
Amos Golan, American University
Title: Info-Metrics: Theory and Examples or Information-Theoretic and Entropy Methods of Estimation

March 9
Craig Bond, Colorado State University
Title: Learning about Thresholds: Optimal Experimentation and Adaptive Management of a Lake Resource
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March 16
Lars Sørgard, Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration-NHH
Title: Cross-Border Mergers and Domestic Wages: Integrating Positive ‘Spillover’ Effects and Negative ‘Bargaining’ Effects

April 27
Erlend Kvaal, Norwegian School of Management, BI

May 4
Dirk Sliwka, University of Cologne
Title: Bonus payments and reference point violations

June 8
Marie Hoerova, European Central Bank

June 15
Rajnish Mehra, University of California Santa Barbara
Title: Costly Financial Intermediation in Neoclassical Growth Theory