BfiN is an international research network which aims to promote and develop international cooperation in the field of qualitative childbearing research.

The network promotes the usage of qualitative research findings for the development of an evidence and life-world based care as well as health and social care policies that benefit the childbearing families. The increasing trend of applying risk perspectives to life world phenomena challenges the researchers in the network to ask ethical and critical questions in humanistic collaborative research and pursue a collaborative critical doctoral and post doc education. It is of utmost importance that our research findings have an impact on the quality of care of the unique family in childbearing.

Our research interests include:

  • Women’s and men’s reproductive health, illness and suffering as lived experiences
  • Promoting new parenthood and parental education from parent and caregiver perspectives
  • Antenatal, birth and postpartum care and identification of caring needs, wishes and experiences
  • Care of the newborn and small child
  • Health information in childbearing
  • Childbearing professions and organizational cultures
  • Meta-questions in qualitative childbearing research