Health promotion related to long-term health problems

Long-term health problems will constitute a major challenge in the years to come. In Norway, about one million people are living with chronic health problems that pose major challenges on both the individual and on public health. Health promotion perspectives are therefore important for people living with long-term health problems.

Our research is primarily aimed at studying health promoting interventions to help people living with long-term illness to better cope with daily life and improve their health.  

Health promotion related to long-term health problems is a research area at the University of Stavanger that includes both chronic disease with a clear diagnosis and unclear long-term health problems. New knowledge is needed in the field of health promotion, coping, treatment, care and rehabilitation for this group of people.

The research in the group is primarily aimed to develop knowledge on how factors such as skills, values, self-efficacy and access to social resources will influence health, quality of life and coping.

Interventions that can provide individuals and families with the ability to promote their own health and coping skills are also central to the research.

The purpose of the research group is to gather the research resources within the relevant research field to develop competence with emphasis on interdisciplinary research.  All projects in the program will contribute to the development of knowledge in health promotion related to long-term health problems and will provide an expanded and comprehensive picture of the current subject.

The program has its professional roots at the University of Stavanger and is co-operating with the Learning Centre (former Centre for  Behavioural Research) and with Stavanger University Hospital. The research group has broad multidisciplinary expertise in the field of health psychology, health education and nursing.


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CHALLENGES: How to promote health and coping with daily life when living with long-term health problems?