Selected research projects

Members of the research group are planning and participating in a variety of projects both locally and nationally. A selection of these is described below. All projects in the program area could through their interdisciplinary profile contribute to the development of the knowledge field on health promotion in chronic health problems and thus provide an expanded and comprehensive picture within the current theme.

The project «Perceived anxiety, support and adjustment in recipients with implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD)» (2009-2013) examines how clinical factors, social support and personality influences on anxiety and post-traumatic symptoms among people with ICD. Main contact: Bjørg Karlsen

The project «Scientific testing of an exercise program for women being treated for breast cancer» (2011-2015) contributes through its focus on how self-efficacy among women undergoing treatment for breast cancer can affect the performance of an exercise program, and how exercise can affect the women’s physical and psychosocial conditions during and following chemotherapy. Main contact: Anne Marie Lunde Husebø

The project «Illness Perceptions among individuals with chest pains. How they can be understood and possibly changed?» (2011-2015) is a project that focuses on the mechanisms underlying the formation and changes in illness perceptions, and the impact the change in disease perception has when it comes to emotional experience, behaviour and functional ability in patients with chest pains. In addition, stimulus trials will be run to test whether an increase in knowledge leads to changes in disease perception, which in turn leads to a reduction in breast pain and reduction in contact with health care in patients with NCCP (non-cardiac chest pain). Main contact: Marie Undheim / Ingrid E. Røysland

The project «Implementation of the pedagogic healthcare service ”Kroppskunnskaping” (”Bodyknowledging”) in the municipal health care service in Oppland» (2012-2015) represents an innovation in health promotion in chronic health problems and is now implemented in several municipalities. The implementation is followed by research to study the impact and adapt the innovation to new users. / Main contact: Kristin Heggdal

The project «Preventing and treating mental health problems with mindful coping» (2013-2018) includes two main studies and one additional study. The first study evaluates early interventions for coping with psychological distress in adolescents aged 16-20 years and is a collaboration with the Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Clinic. The second study is an efficacy study of a coping course for polyclinic psychiatric patients. The additional study is an effectiveness study of a coping course for patients with chronic pain problems. The project ”A smile is not enough, part I” (2013) is a pilot project supported by the Research Council of Norway to develop an intervention in an electronic format to improve motivation and reduce absence due to illness for kindergarten staff. The project ”A smile is not enough, part II” (2014-2016) is a longitudinal study of the intervention of the pilot project. Main contact: Kjersti B. Tharaldsen

Through the project «Patient education for renal transplant recipients», the effect of patient education has been examined on kidney-transplanted patients’ insight into their own illness, compliance, coping and quality of life. A total of 159 kidney transplant patients enrolled in the study who used a RCT design. The experimental group received an intervention consisting of 5 weekly counselling sessions, tailored and one-to-one, during the first 7-8 weeks after transplantation. The control group received standard monitoring. The primary outcome target was aimed at the participants’ knowledge about important aspects of living with a transplanted kidney. The secondary outcome target was the participants’ compliance, coping and quality of life. Outcomes were measured 7-8 weeks after transplantation and 6 months after transplantation. Main contact: Kristin Hjorthaug Urstad

For further information about these projects contact program coordinator, Bjørg Karlsen.