DIMEANE is an ERASMUS+ project in cooperation with the University of Nottingham (UK) and Universidad Católica de Valencia (Spain), in which UiS is the leading partner.

Development and Implementation of Interactive Mobil E-learning Apps for European Nursing Education (DIMEANE)

The purpose of the DIMEANE project (OF-10294) was to develop and implement an interactive mobile e-learning app for e-compendia in order to improve learning and flexibility for British, Norwegian and Spanish nursing students.

In connection with the project, qualitative and quantitative data is gathered with the intention of understanding how teachers and students experience use of these tools and how such tools are implemented in the course and the learning process.

Capturing the user perspective is ensured through student representatives from each of the three countries that are active contributors to the project. A scientific comparative study between the three countries has commenced. 

Explore the e-learning compendia on or download the app on Google Play or App Store 

Project manager: 
Kristin Hjorthaug Urstad

The purpose is to develop and implement an interactive mobile e-learning app for e-compendia. (Photo: Siv Sivertsen)