The overall aim was to explore nursing students’ experiences with training holistic nursing care, using simulation-based scenarios in large groups.

A descriptive design including a quantitative approach with input of findings from a qualitative study has been used in this project, the last aimed to deepen the results from the quantitative part. The research study will be carried out using two different research methods, which comprise: 1) A questionnaire (Reed, 2010; Tosterud et al. 2015), 2) Focus group Interviews (Malterud, 2003). Data collection started September 2018.

The Norwegian Social Sciences Data Services approved the study.

Project Group: 

Dagrunn Nåden Dyrstad, Kristin Glenna Bodsberg, Malene Søiland, Grethe Bjerga, Turid Anita Jaastad, Åse Undersrud Bergesen, Kristin Hjorthaug Urstad


Simulation-based scenarios in large groups