vSim for Nursing is an American simulation tool, which was developed through a collaboration between Wolters Kluwer Health (Lippincott), Laerdal Medical and the National League for Nursing.

The simulation tool is a web-based platform developed to simulate nursing scenarios. The students have opportunities to interact with virtual patients and receive direct feedback on their performance. The nursing scenarios can help the students to apply knowledge, make decisions, complete interventions, get feedback on their actions and repeat activities and content at their own pace. 

Background: In order to broaden the knowledge base regarding the benefits of vSim® for nursing as a learning tool among Norwegian nursing students, a video based follow-up study was conducted.

Overall aim:  Explore how nursing students develop clinical judgement by using vSim® for Nursing.

Design/Methods: Explorative qualitative design. Fourteen nursing students divided in seven pairs participated. The data being conducted on seven video- recordings of nursing students receiving virtual training on the vSim® for nursing platform. The data were collected in the 2018. Using Tanner’s Clinical judgement model we categorized the nursing students’ utterances into aspects of the clinical judgement model.

Findings: In progress.

Project Group: Tone Knutsen Brandeggen, Ingrid Tjoflåt, Sissel Eikeland Husebø and Dagrunn Nåden Dyrstad.

Students using vSim®

The aim of the project is to explore how nursing students develop clinical judgement by using vSim® for Nursing.