Health promotion and health challenges (ProHealth)

The importance of health promotion perspectives are increasing for people living with various health challenges. Development of knowledge and interventions are necessary to enable people to cope with everyday life and to promote health.

Health promotion in various health challenges is a research field at the University of Stavanger, which includes both long-term physical and mental health problems in a life-cycle perspective, mental health in children and adolescents and health challenges in women with an immigrant background.

The research group aims to develop knowledge about conditions that promote health, quality of life and coping among people living with health problems. The objectives of our research are to develop and test the effects of health-promoting and psychosocial interventions, to promote the health of people with long-term health challenges, their relatives, children, adolescents and immigrants with a special focus on young women.

Educational health services interventions that can enhance the competence of individuals and families to promote their health and coping skills are also central to our research. The researchers have broad expertise in the fields of nursing, health science, health psychology and health pedagogy. The research group aims to gather the research resources within these fields and further develop competence through interdisciplinary research.

Health promotion and health challenges (ProHealth)

How to promote health, quality of life and coping for people with various health challenges?