Challenges in life

How can research contribute to the development of relevant knowledge about aspects that may reduce suffering and promote health and understanding of life experiences?

Health problems are often complex, and many of them are related to the individual's subjective health perception. As the research group for life phenomena and caring see it, there is a gap between the patient's experienced suffering and the growing technical and procedurally oriented patient care. The group wants to introduce a framework for clinical practice, intended to contribute to fill the gap so that the patient's overall situation and experiences form the basis for a more comprehensive care.

Life phenomena can be understood as various ethical and existential phenomena of life itself. Increased insight about these life phenomena creates a possibility to draw attention to the patient experience which is fundamental for a good, professional and safe holistic care.

Caring is seeing the person with participating and intence presence, which makes senses, emotions, intellect and the drive to act, open and active in the situation. Caring involves understanding life phenomena in context.



Our research focuses on the importance of life phenomena and care in a modern understanding of health.