What is Narrative Research?

Narrative research has become a catchword in the social sciences today, promising new fields of inquiry and creative solutions to persistent problems. This book brings together ideas about narrative from a variety of contexts across the social sciences and synthesizes understandings of the field.

Rather than focusing on theory, it examines how narrative research is conducted and applied.

The authors are Corinne Squire, Molly Andrews, Mark Davis, Cigdem Esin, Barbara Harrison, Lars-Christer Hyden and Margareta Hyden.

What is Narrative Research? (2014) operates as a practical introductory guide, basic enough for first-time researchers, but also as a window onto the more complex questions and difficulties that all researchers in this area face.

The authors guide readers through current debates about how to obtain and analyse narrative data, about the nature of narrative, the place of the researcher, the limits of researcher interpretations, and the significance of narrative work in applied and in broader political contexts.

Bloomsbury Academic is the publisher of the book.