The research group’s projects:

  • Chronic pain, loss and grief
  • Continuity of care as affected by the process of moving patients from hospital to municipal health care service
  • Existential​ phenomena- living with severe obesity
  • Living with chronic pain. A qualitative study related to patients’ experiences, challenges in health care and treatment offered
  • User involvement in milieu therapy and patient safety related to psychiatry
  • Evaluation of the masterprogramme in anesthesia-, intensive- and operating room nursing
  • Shared decision making – Implementation and evaluation through clinical supervision from a patient safety perspective in a therapeutic milieu
  • Formation-to become who you are
  • A study of human beings  experiences with being a patient in light of a Caring  Science  perspective
  • Existential experiences when suffering from overweight and obesity. A qualitative study
  • "Breast cancer school" (BCS), University of Stavanger
  • Etical practice - Stavanger University Hospital and University of Stavanger
  • Nursing Traditions in Europe, MOOC (Massive Open Access Course) launched 2017
  • Development of Specialization in Nursing – a Norwegian context