Siv Tove Aunan

Siv Tove Aunan is a lecturer at the Faculty of Health Sciences for students in the Advanced Education Programme in Cancer Nursing and the Bachelor Programme in Nursing. She is educated as a cancer nurse and has been working at the cancer unit in Stavanger University Hospital for 17 years.

Aunan has a master’s degree from University of Stavanger; her research interest is women with early stage breast cancer and quality of life. The theme is:“ Quality of life in women with breast cancer during treatment”. To meet women`s need for information she designed a “Breast cancer school” (BCS), offering women with breast cancer in early stage adjuvant treatment. It is a two days course and a integrated part of the treatment. The courses is on Learning- and Mastery center by the hospital and those who teach are specialist in different topics. About 180 women have participated. We got best poster by innovation NSF national conference September 2016 for this project.