Research projects

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The Life Sheet: The use of personal life stories in care work (2019-ongoing)

Pupils' experience of having attended special schooling (2017-2019)

Developing Nursing Students' Ability for Reflection (PhD-project 2018–ongoing)

Practitioners of Coercion (Post-doc project 2018–ongoing)

Parkinsons Patients' Experiences with Duodopa (2018–)

The Importance of Self-realization to Remain in Nursing (PhD-project 2018–ongoing)

Death: Emotions, Relations and Constructions (anthology project, 2018–2019)

Death in the Multiculturally Staffed Nursing Home (PhD-project 2017–ongoing)

Communication in Midwifery Consultations in Spesialist Antenal Care (PhD-project completed in 2018)

One More Time with Feeling (anthology project 2017–ongoing)

MULTICARE (2016–ongoing)

Psychosocial Conditions for Professional Relations in the Breast Cancer Trajectory (Post-doc project 2016-2019)

«Couldn`t capture death»: Bakhtin and Intermediality (2016–ongoing)

The Relational Experiences of Professionals Encountering Dying Patients and their Families (2015–2016)

Walter White's Un(doings) of Heroic Cancer Survivorship (2015–ongoing)

Educating PhD-students for Excellence (2015–ongoing)

Professional Stability (2015–ongoing)

Parents' experiences with premature birth due to pre-eclampsia (PhD-project 2014–2018)

Exploring Life Transitions in Old Age through a Visual Matrix (2014–2015)

Visual Matrix – A Developing Methodology (2014–2015)

Professional Encounters with Death (2013–2016)

The Road to a Work Life (2012–2013)

Pedagogical Encounters in Specialist Antenatal Diabetes Care (2011–2016)

Death at Work (PhD-project 2011–2015)

«Use of self» in Relationship-based Work (2011–2014)

Vocational Identity and Self-understanding in Relational Work (2011–2014)

Existential and Spiritual Concerns in Dying Patients' Narratives (2010–2015)

Work and Mental Health (2010–2011)