Communication in midwifery consultations in spesialist antenal care – pregnant women with diabetes and their midwives (–2018)

This PhD-project aimed to develop knowledge about pregnancy consultations in an outpatient context, focusing on communication and interaction between users and care professionals.

The project has a qualitative explorativ and descriptive design. The empirical material consists of different types of conversational data: sound recordings of consultations in situ; interviews with pregnant women; as well as interviews with professional midwives. The study explores what participants' describe as that which matters most in these consultations, which can be summed up as a woman-centered approach, involving narrative competency.

PhD Fellow: Eva Christina Furskog Risa

Main supervisor: Professor Febe Friberg (University of Stavanger)

Co-Supervisors: Senior Lecturer Eva Lidèn ( Sahlgrenska, Gøteborg) and Associate Professor Sissel Østrem (University of Stavanger )