Death: Emotions, Relations and Constructions (2018-2019)

This is a collaborative anthology project with colleagues from the University of Stavanger, Stavanger University Hospital, the University of Oslo, VID Specialized University, University of Copenhagen (DK) and Aarhus University (DK).

Death: Emotions, Relations and Constructions is an interdisciplinary anthology project that aims to assemble and present diverse Scandinavian research in the area of death and dying to a wide audience. The anthology is published by Scandinavian Academic Press (Spartacus forlag).

Principal Investigators/editors:

Post-Doctoral Fellow Birgitta Haga Gripsrud (University of Stavanger)

Associate Professor Lisbeth Thoresen (University of Oslo)

You can follow the activities of the DERC network, from which this anthology emerges, on ResearchGate.