Developing Nursing Students' Ability for Reflection (PhD-project 2018–ongoing)

In this PhD-project, Bente Skogen investigates supervisors' and nursing students' experiences of developing the ability to reflect in their clinical nursing studies.

Full project title: Nursing students and clinical supervisors experiences with nursing students’ development of reflection in their clinical studies in nursing

The aim of the study is to gain more insight into and knowledge about how nursing students experience developing their ability to reflect through the practical studies in nursing education and how clinical supervisors contribute to this development. The study also seeks to gain a better understanding of how developing students' ability to reflect is experienced from the point of view of clinical supervisors. The findings may be useful in a continuous assessment and development of the practical part of the nursing education.

The following research question will guide the project: How do nursing students develop their ability for reflection in their clinical studies and how do clinical supervisors contribute in this development?

The research problem will be explored through three qualitative sub-studies.

The PhD project will result in an article-based thesis, including three publications in peer-reviewed journals.

PhD-Fellow: Bente Skogen

Supervisor: Associate Professor Kari Vevatne

Co-supervisor: Professor Emerita Ida Torunn Bjørk