Exploring life transitions in old age through a Visual Matrix

This project was funded by NOS-HS and involved interdisciplinary collaboration to develop and explore the Visual Matrix method in a Nordic context.

This interdisciplinary research project, which ran from 2014-2015 was concerned with the development and exploration of a group-based, image-led research method that had formerly been developed in a UK public art context, in a Nordic setting involving health professionals and academics.

Our aim was to explore the transferability of the method to the psychosocial challenges of transitions in ageing and to discover what a methodology based on imagery, affect and visualisation might yield – particularly in relation to those aspects of ageing, which are notoriously hard to speak of, and for many, including ourselves, hard to imagine and hard to bear. Principal Investigator: Associate Professor Ellen Ramvi

Participating researchers: Lynn Froggett (University of Central Lancashire, UK), Birgitta Haga Gripsrud (University of Stavanger, Norway), Wendy Hollway (Open University, UK), Åse Lading (Roskilde University College, Denmark), Anne Liveng (Roskilde University College, Denmark), Julian Manley (University of Central Lancashire, UK), Burkard Sievers (Germany).


Liveng, A., Ramvi, E., Froggett, L., Manley, J., Hollway, W., Lading, Å., & Gripsrud, B.H. (2017). Imagining Transitions in old Age through the Visual Matrix Method: Thinking about what is hard to bear. Journal of Social Work Practice. DOI: 10.1080/02650533.2017.1305342

Ramvi, E., Manley, J., Froggett, L., Liveng, A., Lading, Å., Hollway, W., & Gripsrud, B. H. (2018). The Visual Matrix method in a study of death and dying: Methodological reflections. (online ahead of print).

The project was funded by the Joint Nordic Research Councils (NOS-HS).