One More Time with Feeling

This project explores interdisciplinary approaches to death, catastrophic loss and mourning through investigation of one common analytical object.

One More Time with Feeling: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Death, Catastrophic Loss and Mourning

This anthology explores how different disciplinary and theoretical perspectives can illuminate, complement and enrich each other through examination of one common object. Our purpose is to expand theoretical, aesthetic, ethical, personal and professional understanding of death, catastrophic loss and mourning. Hence, we cordially invite you to submit an abstract, which takes as its point of departure the documentary film One More Time with Feeling (2016, dir. Andrew Dominik). Before getting to work, you should watch the film, either alone or you could organize a group of people/colleagues to watch it together and follow up with a plenary discussion.


One More Time With Feeling (2016) was shot during a 10-day period, in the traumatic aftermath of Cave’s 15-year-old twin son’s sudden death in July 2015. Initially, the film was intended to trail the recording of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds’ album Skeleton Tree, but as work progressed, it evolved in unexpected directions. By spending time with Cave, his family and fellow musicians, all deeply affected by the shocking experience of Arthur’s death, ethical dilemmas and existential questions present themselves, turning the documentary into quite a different project. As a result, One More Time with Feeling portrays personal, relational and aesthetic survival strategies in the face of mourning.

Stylistically the film is built more like sequences around pieces than as one coherent story. The film contains passages that Cave filmed with his phone; fragmented narratives and improvised thoughts from the iconic pop artist, now a broken and disoriented man, a father and a husband grappling with loss whilst trying to hold onto his work as a music maker. The film invites a range of viewer experiences, feelings, identifications and reflections, which may inspire analytical engagement on the following evocative themes:

  • Facing death: our own and the other’s
  • The death of a child
  • Love, loss, guilt
  • Mourning as travelling affect
  • Socially acceptable and unacceptable expressions of death, loss, and mourning
  • Cultural, representational and mediated forms of mourning, grief, sorrow
  • Culture and creativity as symbolization of feeling
  • The film as a cultural object in itself
  • Articulation of/failure to articulate emotionally demanding and traumatic experiences of death and loss
  • Meaning-making and meaninglessness in relation to catastrophic loss and death
  • Roles, aura, persona, identity, subjectivity, gender, attitudes, practices, experiences
  • Narratives and storytelling
  • Aesthetics of death, loss and mourning in art, literature, film and music
  • The record Skeleton Tree in relation to the film One More Time with Feeling
  • Between genres: documentary or biographical fiction
  • Music, composition, lyrics, musicianship and performance
  • Professionalism, professional relationships and friendships
  • Comparative aspects of theoretical, factual or fictional texts, narratives, discourses of death, loss and mourning

Deadline for abstract submission: 01 September 2018

The anthology will be organized into thematic sections around these and other topics that may emerge from abstract submissions. We are open to authors interested in pursuing related lines of inquiry. Please feel free to get in touch with the editors should you have any questions about the project. We would be thrilled if you can share our announcement with colleagues whose work aligns with the focus of this volume.

See Academia for the call for abstracts.

Principal investigators: Associate Professor Nora Simonhjell and Post-doctoral Fellow Birgitta Haga Gripsrud