Professional Encounters with Death (2013–2016)

This project consists of two master projects and one researcher project.

Anne Kristine Ådland. «Nurses existential experiences in relation with the dying patient and the patient’s relatives in home care» (2013-2015). Master dissertation. Supervisor: Professor Ellen Ramvi

Kathrine Pollestad. «Witnessing dying patients in hospitals. A qualitative study about nurses’ experiences» (2013-2015). Master dissertation. Supervisor: Professor Ellen Ramvi

Principal Investigator: Professor Ellen Ramvi

Researcher Project: The relational experiences of professionals encountering dying patients and their families

The purpose of this study was to describe and interpret how students experience their relationships with dying patients and their families and how such experiences are communicated in the workplace. Data collection was from focus group discussions with a group of students pursuing specialisation degrees in cancer nursing.

Investigators: Professor Ellen Ramvi and Associate Professor Venke Ueland


Ramvi, E. & Ueland, V.I. (2017). Between the patient and next of kin in end-of-life-care: A critical study based on feminist theory. Nursing Ethics. Published online, 24th January.

Ramvi, Ellen; Ueland, Venke Irene. Mellom pasient og pårørende i omsorg ved livets slutt. [Eng. "Between the patient and next of kin at the end of life"] Forskerseminar om døden; 2016-03-09 - 2016-03-10. University of Stavanger

Ådland, A. K., & Ramvi, E. (2016). "Døden snakker vi ikke om" Sykepleieres opplevelse av møtet med døden i hjemmesykepleien. Omsorg Nordisk tidsskrift for palliativ medisin, 33(1), 49-55.