Use of self in relationship-based work (2011-2014)

This project aims aimed to generate knowledge about what strengthens the relational worker`s professional identity so that (s)he will be able to engage in developing professional relationships.

Sub-project I: «Use of self» in relationship-based work (2011-14)

In this project, Ramvi implemented a module for the Master's Degree in Health Science called "Professional relationships in health work". Students prepared case descriptions and essays in which they provided personal reflections on their own development as a relational worker. Seventeen students consented to letting their essays and case descriptions be used for research. This approach was the result of an exchange between Professor Linda Davies (McGill University, Canada), Professor Lynn Froggett (University of Central Lancashire, UK) and Professor Ellen Ramvi (University of Stavanger, Norway).

Principal Investigator: Professor Ellen Ramvi


Froggett, L.; Ramvi, E.; Davies, L. (2015). Thinking from Experience in Psychosocial Practice: Reclaiming and Teaching ‘Use of Self’. Journal of Social Work Practice 29(2): p. 133-150.

Kjetil Moen, Ellen Ramvi, Denise Brend and Linda Davies. Emotional effects of relational work - A psycho-social perspective. Paper presentation: The European Group for Organizational Studies - EGOS Montreal, Canada, July 4 to 6, 2013.