Literacy and learning

The defined program area Literacy and Learning (L&L) seeks to develop basic reflection within the research field of literacy through empirical studies with a starting point in a notion of litearcy understood as access.

Litearcy understood as access (Nicolaysen, 2005) opens for perspecives of literacy as access to print, text and culture. The L&L initiative carries the gained insights on the skills of reading when placing itself in the field of literacy.

The L&L initiative consists at its departure of three research groups, centered around three projects – Literate expertise revisited, Contextual aspects of text organization and From late to early. All three with solid evaluations from the norwegian research council.

The organization into reserach groups and projects involves a row of scholars with different specialities within – and outside – The Reading Centre.

The innovative aspect in L&L is the ambition of development of theory on the grounds of the different projects, where findings in the projects informs the overall discourse about literacy and access, and next: where the overall discourse informs the inferences made in the specific projects. Through this organization of projects that seek together around the same theoretical point it becomes possible to develop theory from projects that belong to different traditions of reading research.