Hospitality and tourism research

At the University of Stavanger there are two research groups at The Norwegian School of Hotel Management addressing the field of hospitality and tourism.

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Hospitality research analyses how guests are perceived, welcomed, received, attended to, bid farewell and re-invited. Different forms and customs of hospitality have roots in all cultures.

Hospitality research is different from tourism research because hospitality focuses on the micro level (entrepreneurs, individual firms, and chain corporations), how they solve their tasks, working conditions, and how they can do their job. The typical studies apply generic theory to investigate hospitality phenomena.

The research on tourism management at the University of Stavanger has three main fields of focus: traveller experiences, marketing and sustainable destination development. 

The tourism management researchers at the The Norwegian School of Hotel Management study a wide range of topics, such as: tourism demand factors, including tourist behaviour and tourism experiences; destination and route marketing and promotion, destination management and local tourism planning; and sustainable tourism and environmental change.