Scandinavian hospitality research group

Hospitality research analyses how guests are perceived, welcomed, received, attended to, bid farewell and re-invited. Different forms and customs of hospitality have roots in all cultures.

Contemporary research in hospitality topics covers strategy, marketing, leadership, management, accounting, finance and profitability, service development and experience economy, aesthetics and human resource management.

Hospitality is a general term that has relevance for many aspects of social life. In the research at the University of Stavanger though, the focus is on businesses and organizations where hospitality is an essential part of the business, e.g. public services, transport, churches, hospitals, nursing institutions, museums, galleries, parks, tourist resorts, destinations, hotels and restaurants. 

Hospitality research is different from tourism research because hospitality focuses on the micro level (entrepreneurs, individual firms, and chain corporations), how they solve their tasks, working conditions, and how they can do their job. The typical studies apply generic theory to investigate hospitality phenomena.

Being hospitable is quite different from offering physical goods because the receiver can often not evaluate the service before receiving it, the guests do often participate in creating the hospitality services themselves, the delivery has many elements that make it complex, hospitality cannot be stored. It is also noteworthy that hospitality is labour intensive.

The Scandinavian Hospitality Research Group comprises special knowledge within a broad spectre of hospitality research, such as:   

  • Hospitality Strategy
  • Hospitality marketing and service experience
  • Hospitality Leadership and Management
  • Hospitality organization and culture
  • Human resource management  and work environment
Hotell recetion

IN HOTELS: How are guests perceived, welcomed, received, attended to, bid farewell and re-invited?