The EDISON project

The EDISON project works on establishing the new profession of 'Data Scientist', following the emergence of Data Science technologies (also referred to as Data Intensive or Big Data technologies) which change the way research is done, how scientists think and how the research data are used and shared.

EDISON works with the major Data Science stakeholders from academic, research communities and industry, as well as with the professional community to help them to obtain proper education and training and/or formal certification.

The EDISON Data Science Framework is a collection of documents that define the Data Science profession. Freely available, these documents have been developed to guide educators and trainers, employers and managers, and Data Scientists themselves. This collection of documents collectively breaks down the complexity of the skills and competences need to define Data Science as a professional practice. The project is financed by European Commission through Horizon 2020 program, Associate Professor Tomasz Wiktorski leads the project at the University of Stavanger.

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