Manufacturing and construction engineering

UiS is involved in several projects related to manufacturing and construction engineering.

The projects are about enhancing manufacturing and construction engineering (M&CE) operations productivity via digitalization and implementation of lean thinking (that is, focused on physical and knowledge work) within M&CE disciplines. The digitalization itself reinforces the lean initiatives in the M&CE related operations.

Focus is mainly on the performance enhancement of the regional: micro, small, and medium (i.e. made up “over 90% of all firms and account on average for 60-70% of total employment and 50% of GDP”) as well as large scale enterprises.

Dissemination tools

The main goal is to enhance undergraduates’, graduates’, and practicing engineers’ (i.e. further education) abilities or skills to cater current demands based on technological and organizational evolution.

Apart from formal research and development (R&D) tasks within manufacturing and construction engineering, it is focused on the development of innovative knowledge dissemination tools.

One such tool is gamification-based teaching via complex concepts simplification. This includes pulling industrial practice/practical work environments (physical and knowledge work, as well as information flows) to the class room level.

For this we are using serious games, tablet and smart phone based learning tools etcetera, to disseminate knowledge on recent development in digitalization (i.e. Additive Layer Manufacturing and  BIM in construction engineering) and organizational approaches (i.e. lean-six-sigma).

Sustainable development

We want to improve abilities of the undergraduates/graduates as well as the practicing engineers to make the regional development sustainable. That means meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

The dissemination of necessary knowledge to increase return on investments (i.e. via waste minimization) without endangering the environment and societal safety with the support of M&CE operations’ digitalization [e.g. Computer aided machining – computer numerical control, process planning, etc., and building information modeling (BIM)] and use of lean-six-sigma approaches [i.e. together with artificial intelligence (AI) and probabilistic methods involved expert and knowledge based schemes] play a central focus in almost all the developments.