Drilling and Well Engineering

Drilling and well engineering is an important field of engineering concerned with the activities related to drilling, well construction, well logging and testing, production and economics within the oil industry.

It is fundamental to understand the processes and knowledge like rock mechanics, wellbore design, drilling and production, well completion, drilling fluids, drilling technologies, drilling automation, well intervention, well integrity and permanent plug and abandonment.

Our research focuses on understanding the drilling processes to enhance drilling and well engineering.  The aim is improved drilling and well efficiency at reduced cost, while at the same time operating in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. Key building blocks are well integrity, drilling, completion, intervention and final plug and abandonment of wells. 

Specific areas of research are:

  • Drilling technologies
  • Drilling fluids
  • Wellbore design
  • Well completion and intervention
  • Drilling modeling and simulation
  • Drilling automation
  • Well integrity
  • Permanent plug and abandonment