Researchers and relevant research topics

The currently registered researchers and their suggested research topics are listed below, but the program area is open for interested researchers with innovative ideas. The only requirement for participation in this research area is: being open for discussion, collaboration and interaction without limitation, i.e. genuinely being interested in moving the research front by knowledge development.

  • Mohsen Assadi (Program Leader)

    Gas turbine/fuel cell/gas engine, data-driven modelling and intelligent monitoring, carbon capture and storage, organic Rankine cycle, waste heat recovery, energy efficiency, smart grids, applied thermodynamics and drilling.

  • Oluf Langhelle

    Sustainable development, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), environmental policy, climate policy, trade policy, World Trade Organization (WTO)

  • Bjørn Hjertager

    Industrial and Environmental Flows, Multiphase Chemical Reactors, Chemical Reactions in Turbulent Flows, Combustion Hazards

  • Helge Hodne

    Drilling Fluid Technology and Cementing

  • Rune Wiggo Time

    Directional Drilling and Well Flow Engineering, Measurement and Control in Petroleum Engineering, Multiphase Flow in Pipes

  • Helge Bøvig Larsen

    Diffraksjonsfysikk, Materialfysikk, Krystallografi

  • Skule Strand

    PVT of Petroleum Reservoirs and Fluids, Reservoir Chemistry

  • Tina Puntervold

    Reservoir engineering and Reservoir Chemistry

  • Carita Augustsson

    Sedimentology - from source to sink, Sedimentary petrology & geochemistry

  • Lisa Jean Watson

    Mapping using geographic information software, Applying GIS to petroleum exploration,  Combining spatial databases, Lidar for archaeological and geological applications

  • Tor Henning Hemmingsen

    Analytical chemistry, environmental chemistry, electrochemistry/corrosion and oil field chemistry.

  • Dan Sui

    Modelling, optimization and simulation, Drilling events detection, Surge and swab pressure prediction, Downhole pressure prediction and drilling parameters estimation, Efficient and safe drilling, drilling automation, Control theory, Support vector machine, neural network and clustering methods

  • Udo Zimmermann

    Palaeoclimatology of Mesozoic successions in Europe, Palaeotectonicevolution of Palaeozoic basinsin Argentina, Provenance of Mesoproterozoic to Lower, Palaeozoic metasedimentary rocks in western Norway, Archaeometric studies on archaeological artefacts from Rogaland

  • Milad Khatibi

    Drilling & Hole Cleaning, Turbulent particle-liquid flow, Newtonian and non-Newtonian flow, Computational fluid mechanic (CFD)

  • Homam Nikpey

    Data analytics for modelingand monitoring, Artificial intelligence, Appliedthermodynamics, Mathematical modeling, System integration, Combined cooling, heat and power generation, Energy systems

  • Mohammad Mansouri

    Integration, modeling, simulation and analysis of green technologies and energy systems with particular emphasis on carbon capture and storage, risk assessment for high-temperature geothermal, and oil and gas applications.

  • Alireza Zare (program administrator)

    Geothermal reservoirs, Numerical modeling, History matching simulation, Reservoir response, Forecasting, Uncertainty estimation, Well completion

  • Kiyan Parham

    Integration of geothermal resources into multigeneration systems and analyses of the whole setup from the energy, exergy and thermo- economic viewpoint.

  • Mahmoud Khalifeh

    Casing design, Well cementing, Well integrity, Isolation materials, Plug and Abandonment

  • Nikhil Lakshmish Bagalkot

    Geothermal, Modelling, Supercritical working fluids,Thermal modeling, Subsurface temperatures, Permeability, Injection, Production