Projects – CCUS

A Czech-Norwegian project which is primarily focusing on the development of CO2 storage in the Czech Republic. 

Onshore CO2 storage in Europe. 

Pore Scale Mechanics for CO2 storage in a Fracture-Matrix System
The project concerns mechanisms at pore scale level for CO2 storage in a fracture-matrix system. When CO2 is to be stored in fissured rock, it is important that the CO2 that is injected penetrates into the porous rock and remains in stable storage there. This is critical in order to achieve optimal utilisation of the pore volume, which in turn ensures safe and effective storage, and to prevent CO2 from migrating upwards through the fissures and leading to leakage and pollution in the worst-case scenario. In this project, we are developing criteria for the migration of CO2 between fissures and matrix blocks to take place and for calculating capillary pressure graphs for the actual fissure matrix geometry. 

The Open Porous Media (OPM) initiative
This project aims to encourage innovation and research for the modelling and simulation of OPM processes. Current developments are focused on CO2 management and improved and increased oil recovery.