Ongoing projects

Road map for decarbonisation of Indian energy system: exploring innovative solutions

Gas — Future Advanced Capture Technology Options (GAS-FACT)
Our researchers are participating in a major British research project which is aimed at developing natural gas power stations using gas turbines and new CO2 capture technology.

Malaysia-Renewable energy
Our researchers are using data from experimental studies to develop intelligent monitoring and control programmes. 

Completed projects:

Via the Centre for Sustainable Energy (CenSE), since 2009 UiS has participated in three EU-funded projects and three projects funded by the Research Council of Norway. 

In 2013, the EU-funded project GCC Clean Energy Network was concluded at the same time as the research centre became involved in two other EU projects: Low Emission Gas Turbine Technology for Hydrogen-rich Syngas (H2-IGCC) (2011–2015) and European North Sea Energy Alliance — ENSA (2012–2015).