Green transition

The switch to green energy involves reducing greenhouse gas emissions and, above all, working towards a more sustainable society where we use resources in a smarter and better way.

The question is how we address this conversion and how we can limit further climate changes through emission cuts and conversion. The switch to green energy requires transition.

The social science research being conducted with regard to the switch to green energy at UiS and IRIS is aimed at large and complex problems that require a multidisciplinary approach. Economists, historians, political scientists and innovation researchers are participating in research concerning the switch to green energy and the societal changes we are facing.

The goal is to provide increased knowledge concerning important environmental challenges and to provide the public administration, industry and society in general with a sound basis on which to make decisions to promote the transition to a more sustainable society.

In Norway, there is political agreement regarding the targets, which are to reduce emissions by 40 percent and increase energy-efficiency by at least 27 percent during the period through to 2030. However, opinions differ regarding the path to achieving these targets.