Learning environment as a supporting factor

The ability of kindergarten and school to compensate for vulnerability in relation to psychosocial development in children and adolescents.

The principal scope of this research field is to study how kindergartens and schools can prevent and retrain behavioural and emotional difficulties, and consequently improve children`s and adolescent`s ability to learn and to function in social interactions.

The research focus particularly on vulnerable groups that are disposed to unfortunate psychosocial development through innate dispositions or stress from the environment.

Special attention is given to vulnerability relatet do difficult home environments - such as divorce, difficult relations to persons of equal age - including bullying - and migration related stress.

The researchers study factors in kindergartens and schools that can compensate for such vulnerability.

At the class/group level, the influence of qualities in organisation, structure, leadership, adult-child relations and child-child relations on this development is studied. An important part of this research will be to identify factors that can improve the kindergarten`s and school`s social environment, as well as their ability to promote learning.

Learning environment as a supporting factor