Using the Early Years Literacy Program in a primary EFL Norwegian classroom

The project aims to assess the experiences of early EFL teaching in Nylund skole, which has based its EFL teaching on the Australian Early Years Literacy Program (EYLP) model.

The principle of the program is for differentiated groups of pupils to rotate between a predetermined set of learning ‘stations’ or activities, spending between 10 to 20 minutes on each.

The stations include ICT, a creative activity, games, reading, writing and a teacher-controlled station.

The school was the first in Norway to try out the EYLP program in mother tongue teaching, which attracted a great deal of interest from other schools in the country, many of which have since followed suit. In 2005 the school took the radical step of implementing the same program in the English teaching of classes from grade 3 (age 8).

Contact person: Ion Drew