• Nordic workshops: Stavanger (January) and Copenhagen (September/October)
  • Common Symposia at European Early Childhood Education Research Association(EECERA) conference in Tallin in August
  • National sub-projects: Beginning of fieldwork, data construction, preliminary analyses
  • Joint writing: First joint article submitted


  • Nordic workshops: Oulu (spring) and Kalmar (autumn)
  • Conference: Joint paper at the American Educational Research Association (AERA) conference
  • Joint writing: 2nd to 4th joint articles submitted
  • National sub-projects: End of fieldwork and data construction, analyses, articles written


  • Nordic workshops: Reykjavik (spring) and Stavanger (autumn)
  • A 5-day Nordic Phd-course.
  • Conference: Joint paper at Nordic Educational Research Association (NERA) conference
  • Joint writing: 5th-11th joint articles submitted, manuscript of a Nordic book on values education written
  • National sub-projects: Analyses finalized, national reports and articles written


  • Writing seminar Denmark
  • Nordic Ministry Council seminar, Helsinki
  • Seminar Nordic participants Helsinki
  • EECERA conference, Barcelona


  • NordForsk final seminar, Stockholm 
  • EECERA conference Bologna