The Finnish study

The Finnish study is called "From exclusion to belonging: developing narrative practices in day care centers and schools (BELONG)"

Lead by Professor Eila Estola

Adjunct professor, senior research fellow Anna-Maija Puroila coordinates the Nordic co-operation of the Finnish research team


Other researchers in the team are:
Postdoctoral research fellow Annu Haho
Postdoctoral research fellow Maija-Liisa Lanas
Postdoctoral research fellow Elina Viljamaa
Doctoral student Jaana Juutinen
Doctoral student Anne Koskela
Doctoral student Saara-Leena Kaunisto

In Finland, the project will be implemented in a co-operation between the University of Oulu and four preschools located in the neighborhood of Oulu. Approximately 85 adults, four leaders, and 550 children will be involved.