Digital Society Research Group

Digital Society is an interdisciplinary and multi-methodological research group focused on the digital transformation and its social and political implications.

Digital Society Research Group

With members from political science, sociology and media studies, our research activities reflect current challenges that transformations in policy and administration, identity and learning, political and social processes, business models and social media hold for society.

Seminar programme spring semester 2020:

21st January: The Digitalisation agenda 2.0: Innovation and its discontents

5th March: Felicia Loecherbach, visiting PhD scholar: Using computational methods in the social sciences: The case of studying news consumption in a changing environment

26th March: Project development workshop 

23rd April: Grant proposal workshop

15th-16th June: Summer seminar: Digital society: Challenges and opportunities


Affiliated projects:

  • Digital news agendas in Scandinavia (research project led by Helle Sjøvaag)
  • Media as the missing link: A comparative study of news influence on party support (research project led by Gunnar Thesen)

PhD students’ research projects:

  • Erik De Vries: The EU: A supranational institution with national consequences. Evaluating the influence of EU-related media coverage on national party politics
  • Thomas Owren: Financing Sustainable Scandinavian journalism in the digital era: What is worth paying for in a culture for free?
  • Hans Erik Haugvaldstad: Municipal organisations – the digital transformation gameplan
  • Luise Salte: Mobile Influencers: An analysis of participation in mobile media in a Democratic Public Sphere Perspective
  • Jean Roisse Rodrigues Ferreira: Innovation and digitalisation in the public sector
  • Helga Hiim Stålhane: Digital transformations and driving for mobility: A comparative study of taxi drivers in Norway and the US.
  • Veronika Budovska: Domestication of smart home technology: Dimensions, constraints, dynamics and outcomes.