Centre for Gender Studies

The Centre for Gender Studies at the University of Stavanger is a dynamic research and learning environment that especially focuses on interdisciplinary, intersectional and transnational perspectives.

Initially established as a research network in 2001, and granted Centre status in 2019, the Centre offers four courses on bachelor- and master-levels as well as a Minor Concentration in Gender Studies. The Centre participates in several collaborative research projects supported by international and national funding agencies.

With the University’s Museum of Archaeology, the Centre organizes a doctoral training school in radical interdisciplinary (ITEM) which emphasizes ethical reflection, explorative research, and collaboration. The Centre for Gender Studies strives to foster an engaged and inclusive work and learning environment for students, faculty and staff, and actively participates in research and popular dissemination platforms, regionally, nationally and internationally.


The Centre’s principal ambition is to engage in interdisciplinary research that critically explores structural inequalities broadly defined, and how they contribute towards maintaining, challenging and stratifying various forms of lives and existences. Approaching gender as an analytical category, shaped by feminist theory and critical theories on power, the Centre engages in research that seeks to strengthen interdisciplinary knowledge production from minority perspectives and to connect academic research with political activism, culture and art. Finally, the Centre aims to contribute towards shaping the research agendas in interdisciplinary gender studies, by asking and exploring new research questions and by disseminating knowledge to actors outside the academy and the wider public.

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GENDERSTUDIES: How does gender affect the way we act and the way we perceive ourselves and others?