Retirement decision processes

The project "Retirement decision processes, and their antecedents and outcomes" was funded by the Norwegian Research Council with 5 million NKR. The externally funded project period was from 2010-2014, but publishing on this and related Projects continues into the coming years.

The objective of this project was to identify the factors that influence older workers' retirement decisions. See Fact sheet (Faktaark, in Norwegian) for summary of findings.

Research questions addressed were:

1. How do workplace factors, non-work social relationships, family relationships and individual factors, and impacts of the pension system predict retirement decisions and timing of retirement? How do decisions correspond to the behaviour of retiring?

2. How do older workers reason with regards to their possible extensions of their working careers and the timing of retirement? Which factors mentioned above impact the decision processes, how do these factors interact, and what is their relative importance?

3. What is the importance of supervisor's attitudes, style and behaviour, and to which extent is this outcome related to the quality of the leader-member relationship?

4. To what extent are these relationships gendered? The unique contribution is the simultaneous analyses of panel data on work and non-work factors supplied with qualitative data from a longitudinal interview study.

Dr. Trude Furunes, Project manager and researcher University of Stavanger

Professor Reidar J. Mykletun, University of Stavanger

Per Erik Solem, Senior Researcher, Norwegian Social Research (NOVA)

Dr. Astri Syse, Norwegian Social Research (NOVA)

Dr. Annet de Lange, Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands 

Wilmar B. Schaufeli, Utrech University, The Netherlands

Juhani Ilmarinen , Juhani Ilmarinen Consulting Ltd

Two people in a discussion (Illustrationphoto)

Retirement decision processes is the focus in a research project at the University of Stavanger, funded by the Norwegian Research Council. (Illustrationphoto)